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We are always welcoming new patients and we would love to have you as part of our dental family with our Laguna Niguel Dentist. Please explore our website to learn more about us and our dentist in Laguna Niguel. You can find information about our staff, our office, and the procedures and services that we offer.

If you have any questions for our Laguna Niguel Dentist, please call us. We love hearing from our patients and anyone who may be interested in becoming one.

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General & Family Dentist in Laguna Niguel

General and family dentistry is a term that is used to describe several dental practices designed to improve the health of your smile.


We offer a variety of General dentistry services for the highest quality dental care for our patients. 

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We offer a variety of Cosmetic dentistry services for the highest quality dental care for our patients. 

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We offer a variety of Periodontics dentistry services for the highest quality dental care for our patients. 

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Specialty Services

We offer a variety of Endodontics dentistry services for the highest quality dental care for our patients. 

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Laguna Niguel Dentistry

Heather Ridge Dentistry has been serving the community with the best Laguna Niguel dentistry care for years. We understand that your smile reflects your personality, so you must have the best Laguna Niguel Dentistry possible while living the life of your dreams. We take pride in providing excellent results, making us the first choice for you!

Laguna Niguel Dentistry

We Offer the Best Dental Care from the Best Laguna Niguel Dentist

If you have a dental emergency, check out our Laguna Niguel dentist. All of our dentists are multi-talented and enjoy helping their patients. In addition to providing the best oral health care for adults and children, we aim to educate our patients on proper oral health habits and provide a relaxing environment for patients to experience comfort in the dentist's chair.

Cosmetic Dentist Laguna Niguel

Heather Ridge Dentistry provides a top-quality cosmetic dentist Laguna Niguel. We know the needs of our patients, so we offer customized services specially designed for each client. We also offer advanced cosmetic treatments, such as veneers and porcelain crowns. Customer service is a passion for us, therefore we strive to exceed the expectations of our patients by providing an exceptional experience that is second to none.

Choose the Best Dentist in Laguna Niguel CA

Your mouth is one of the most important parts of your overall health. That's why you want to ensure you get the best treatment possible when it comes to dental care. With Heather Ridge Dentistry at your service, you will receive the best services. We're a team of Dentists in Laguna Niguel CA, who provide quality and affordable dental care in the community of Laguna Niguel.

Dentist in Laguna Niguel

Dentist in Laguna Niguel

Our experienced team is ready to help you no matter the type of treatment you require. Our dentist in Laguna Niguel can perform general dentistry, emergency cases, cosmetics procedures, and more. We always give the best of us for you to feel like you are a part of our dental family. We are proud to have the best Laguna Niguel Dentist on our team. You can trust we offer customer attention, treatment plans, and excellent results.

Friendly Staff. Excellent Service. Beautiful Smiles.

Contact us Today. Our Dentist in Laguna Niguel look forward to hearing from you.


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Dr. Ashkan Khoshrou

Dr. Khoshrou is a dentist in Laguna Niguel and grew up in Orange County, CA. He graduated from the University of California Irvine and received his D.M.D from Nova Southeastern College of Dental Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, FL. After practicing in Miami and Chicago, he decided home is where the heart is and moved back to Southern California.

Dr. Khoshrou prides himself on being a careful listener and takes the time to get to know each of his patients as individuals. “Dentistry is a service. As a dentist, providing each of my patients the best healthcare service is my top priority. From diagnosis to treatment and follow-up — I make sure my patients are comfortable, well-informed, and cared for. Every patient is given all the possible information about their dental health so that a personalized treatment plan can be formed together. ”

In his free time, Dr. Khoshrou likes to travel, surf, and cook. His mission statement is to be happy and to treat people as you would want to be treated.

Dr. Ashkan Khoshrou D.M.D.
"Dr. K"

Why Choose Heather Ridge Dentistry? 

Here at Heather Ridge, we offer only the best of the best to our customers. We have the most up-to-date technology in the dental industry and the best dental workers in the field including Blue Shield and Cigna dentists. Whatever you are looking for whether it's cosmetic, general, periodontics, or even if it's an emergency we do it all. We want you to be happy which is why we strive to give you the best and highest quality dental services possible with our Laguna Niguel dentist.

Woman Getting a Smile Makeover

Let a Professional Dentist in Laguna Niguel Help You

At Heather Ridge Dentistry, you will find the latest in dental technology and a welcoming environment with a personal touch. Our dentist in Laguna Niguel works with patients to guarantee that their smile meets the very high standards established for the practice of dentistry. Bring your questions and concerns to our professional staff, and we'll do the rest. It's time to take care of your teeth!

Teeth Whitening

The exceptional academic preparation, 10 years of experience in business, a great number of trusted patients, and high rating reviews have placed Dr. Khoshrou as a Top Dentist in Laguna Niguel CA. With the most up-to-date technology in the dental industry, Heather Ridge Dentistry will bring only the best service of dental care for you and your loved ones. We offer Cosmetic, General, Periodontics, Endodontics, and Emergency services, as well as the best dental workers in the field. You will put your dental care in the hands of experts when coming with us. 

Get the Most Out of Your Investment with a Top Dentist Laguna Niguel CA

Heather Ridge Dentistry has a top dentist Laguna Niguel CA to serve you. We also have a friendly staff and experts who are always willing to help you. We provide services to patients of all ages and offer a wide range of dentistry services, including cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, and orthodontics. We cover all your dental needs!

Dental Implants

How do Dental Implants Work?

If you are missing a tooth, many different scenarios can cause damage to your remaining teeth, such as shifting teeth, receding gums, facial collapse, or even premature aging.

Dental Implants Purpose

Dental implants are one of the most important aspects of your oral health care treatment. They provide stability, function, and aesthetics for your mouth.

Dental implants have a variety of purposes, such as:

● Replacing missing teeth.

● Fixing broken teeth.

● Restoring tooth function after root canal treatment.

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Looking for a Dentist Laguna Niguel CA?   

As a dentist Laguna Niguel CA, our practice has gone through a lot of improvements over the years to accommodate and provide quality care for our patient's needs. 

We Have the best Dentist Laguna Niguel

We Have the Best Dentist Laguna Niguel 

Heather Ridge Dentistry offers the most comprehensive dental services for patients looking for a dentist Laguna Niguel.

Get the Best Laguna Niguel Dental Care

Our team guarantees hassle-free Laguna Niguel dental care and solutions and an enjoyable journey. We are completely committed to you and your family's dental health.



Come to our Dentist Laguna Beach

Heather Ridge Dentistry is the best choice for people looking for a dentist Laguna Beach. We offer a wide range of services to cover all our patients' dental needs. 

The Best Dentist In Laguna Hills

The Best Dentist In Laguna Hills

Dr. K is a highly respected dentist in Laguna Hills. Since your initial consultation, you will notice that our team will keep an eye on all your needs and provide you with excellent customer care.

Professional Laguna Hills Dentist

You deserve a professional and attentive Laguna Hills dentist, and you will find the best at Heather Ridge Dentistry!

Let our Dentist Laguna Hills Take Care of You

Whether you are looking for a first-rate dentist Laguna Hills or an affordable and trustworthy way of improving your smile, you just found the right practice.

Laguna Dental & Orthodontics

We offer the best Laguna dental & Orthodontics services in the industry. Contact us for more information!

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Heather Ridge Dentistry 

At Heather Ridge Dentistry, you'll find experienced dentists who can provide you with the best dental care, including general dentistry and cosmetic procedures. You can also get the best options for check-ups and cleanings, as well as more advanced services such as orthodontics.

Laguna Dental Family

Our Laguna dental family only wants what’s best for you and the ones you love. Let us help you get that winning smile you will feel proud to wear everywhere. Contact us today!


Heather Ridge Dentistry

Let Heather Ridge Dentistry Take Care of Your Oral Health

Heather Ridge Dentistry offers the best in cosmetic, general dentistry, and periodontics, with a full range of services including fillings, extractions, implants, and much more. We know that dental appointments can be stressful, so we're here to try to make it as easy as possible for you!

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