How to Deal with Dental Anxiety

Dealing with going to the dentist is not easy. Many of us have had terrible or traumatizing experiences whether as a child or even as an adult. Taking the first courageous step is hard so here are some tips on how to cope with the anxiety of visiting the dentist.


There are some ways to deal with anxiety and one of the most effective ways is sedation. You are made to inhale a vaporized sedative, intravenously or by taking a pill so you have a calming effect while getting word done. You are not asleep and will still be able to comprehend and speak while your dentist is working on you. If you don’t feel comfortable with going under sedation, you can always just speak to your dentist about your experiences.


Bad experiences are one of the primary causes why people hate the dentist and why they stop going in general. It must give you anxiety after haven’t been to the dentist in a long time so it is important to learn how to keep your breathing under control and your muscles relaxed. Closing your eyes and slowly breathe through your nose and breathe out through your mouth will be calming to your nerves. For meditating, once you are in the chair, focus on an object in the room and let your body relax. Make effort into releasing tension throughout your body.

Distractions are Key

Another way to cope with dental anxiety is to have a distraction. Your dentist might allow you to watch something during the appointment or maybe listen to some music. Another good distraction would be to bring a good friend with you to the appointment. Although you probably won’t be able to speak to them during the procedure, just knowing your friend is there is enough to make you feel less anxious.

Communicate with your Dentist

Learning to cope with dental anxiety is a hard thing to do. Make sure you continue to communicate with your dentist so he or she can make you feel as safe and relaxed as possible. To learn more about what services we provide at Heather Ridge Dentistry, you’re welcome to give out office a call and speak directly to our seasoned and knowledgeable staff, visit our website, or even stop by. We hope to hear from you soon!

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