Pocket Reduction Therapy

Periodontal disease is when bacteria forms a sticky, colorless plaque around your teeth. The gum tissue around your teeth should fit tightly with a depth of only 2-3 millimeters. As the bacteria develops around your teeth it almost always accumulates and advances beneath your gums. Periodontal disease eventually leads to the supporting tissue around the tissue and done to be destroyed, never the less creating a pocket around the teeth. 

There are a few different options to consider when you are dealing with Periodontal disease. Two of the most common approaches are surgery and periodontal regeneration. While every patietn is diffferent, most indiviudals can return to their daily acticites within the following day. It is important

Pocket Reduction Therapy

to go over post-operative care instructions with your dentist following a pocket reduction therapy treatment. Our doctors and staff at Heather Ridge Dentistry are happy to go over any additional questions or concerns you may have regarding pocket reduction therapy. 

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