The Perks of Having a Blue Shield Dentist

Why should you want to consider having a Blue Shield dentist? There are many benefits that come from choosing one. These benefits include having your teeth professionally cleaned, a hygienist to help you with oral hygiene and most of all, a dentist who specializes in what you need for your dental needs. If you have dental insurance, chances are good that your dentist office has already been approved by your insurance company to treat patients with their particular dental needs.

Dental Hygiene

When you have your teeth professionally cleaned, you can rest assured that your teeth will be safe from cavities and other dental problems. This is because the dental hygienist will work on your teeth and gums to remove any tartar and plaque build-up. This is critical for anyone who needs to have regular deep cleanings. The cost of having this done varies depending on the type of cleaning required as well as what your dental insurance covers.

Emergency Services

Another reason you should consider having a Blue Shield dentist is because of the emergency services they offer. The dental team at Heather Ridge Dentistry has a response to an emergency situation much faster than an emergency call to your family’s dentist. For instance, if you break a tooth or are suffering from severe pain, you may have a longer wait than usual before someone shows up at an office to assist you. In some cases, a regular dentist can take much longer in order to help you.

Outstanding Customer Service

When you need dental services, you can rest assured that the team is there to help. You can call ahead to make sure your appointments will be convenient to you. In addition, if you have any questions, most offices are more than willing to answer them over the phone or in office. You’ll also find that your dental insurance may not cover certain procedures, but most offices provide the necessary coverage for preventative services. If you’re not sure what services Blue Shield covers, give them a call.

Cosmetic Services

It might be hard to think about getting invisalign or wearing an implant, but many people need these services at some point in their lives. These services can be very expensive, so you should take the time to find a dentist you can trust. A dentist who offers great attention to detail and specializes in the procedures he or she provides will be able to provide you with the best possible care.

Latest Technologies Offered

Another reason you should want to think about having a blue shield dentist is the type of equipment he or she uses. Most offices have the latest in technology when it comes to dental prosthetics and appliances. This can make a big difference for the comfort of the patient as well as the cost. If you haven’t had much experience with some of the latest dental prosthetics, you may want to spend some time trying out different products. You may even find that the new products you like best work best for your mouth as opposed to others.

To learn more about what services we provide at Heather Ridge Dentistry you’re welcome to give our office a call and speak directly to our seasoned and knowledgeable staff, visit our website or even stop by. We hope to hear from you soon!

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